17 Dec 2018

Why You Should Invest in Card Processing Services For Your Business

Plastic cards have become more popular than cash over the years. Businesses should not ignore the value and opportunities that come with accepting cards. Investing in card processing services will attract more customers, grow your business, and become a sound investment for your company.
11 Dec 2018

5 Reasons to Set Up a Credit Card Processor

It used to be a lot more difficult for a business to set up a credit card processor. Thanks to advancements in technology and a decreased amount of provider barriers, however, you can accept credit card payments in a jiffy!
After shopping around for merchant service providers, you’ll eventually find one who offers the best deals and is able to meet your unique needs within your market niche. Wonder why you should bother to set a credit card processor up at all? Here are five reasons:
11 Dec 2018

The Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards at Your Business

Running a cash-only operation is understandable, but cash payments are plummeting and if you’re thinking about starting a business or accepting alternative payment methods, here are good reasons to choose plastic over paper: